University Library Inter Library Loan

Documents that Can and cannot be borrowed

Books that can be borrowed

Books from the general shelf / Stack Section only.

Documents that cannot be borrowed

  • Journals, Bound Volumes, Loose issues of journals and the latest available issue of the magazines, Newspaper are to be referred within library premises and are not available for issuing out.
  • Dissertations/ Project Works and Ph.D Thesis submitted by CUSB Students are not issuable.
  • Reference books such as encyclopedia, hand book, year book, and manuals are not issuable.
  • CD ROMS, DVDs and audio video material cannot be issued.

Library Fine, Renewals and Reservations

  • There will be an overdue charge of Rs.- 1 per day per book from General Shelf / stack section. Fines will be kept pending as “due from borrower” in the Library Management Software (LMS).
  • “No dues” certificate shall be issued from library only after the library dues are fully paid up.
  • For faculty members/ officers and officials books can be renewed for another term, if no demand is there.
  • The renewal must be made on or before the due date.
  • Stack books cannot renew for the students.
  • However user may borrow it again, if there is no reservation placed on that.

Loss or Mutilation of documents and Policy of Compensating Library:

  • Library materials are to be handled with care. If a borrowed book is lost or mutilated beyond usable condition, then the user will inform the library with written application.
  • Library will follow the below mentioned steps, in the same order of preference to settle the due
    1. Book has to be replaced with the same or latest edition or in case of books which is not available in the market; fine shall be leaved upto the three times cost of the book as per library records or a minimum amount of ₹ 200.00, whichever is high.
    2. Overdue charges will not be levied in such cases from the date of report until the same is replaced.
    3. Settlement of the lost books must be resolved within a month.

Library Access by Visitors: Day Membership and Charges

Authorized students/ researchers from outside CUSB are allowed to utilize the library resources if they produce valid identity cards and register as day members by in paying daily library fee of ₹ 25.00. However, they will not be provided any other library services

Theft / misuse of library resources

The theft or misuse of library resources like books, journals, reports and dissertations will be viewed very seriously. Each case will be examined to ascertain its genuineness and the matter will be reported to the Competent Authority immediately for further action. Late return of resources, acts of indiscipline within the Library, attempts to navigate library resources out of the library without being issued, etc. will also attract fine and disciplinary action, as decided by the Competent Authority from time to time