University Library Circulation

Major Activities of the Section are

Circulation Section handles the Front Desk operations of the library and is very important because it is the first contact point for users to the library. Efficiently functioning Circulation Desk leaves a lasting impression on the user and hence it is very important section of the library.

Central University of South Bihar Central Library was first automated in the year 2011 using the Open source Library management software KOHA with the barcode technology and manual user library card system due to some limited features and man power consummation the barcode technology were replace with RFID technology and Open source Library management software KOHA in the year 2020. The library currently has above 45000 books. On an average the number of daily transaction is 250+. RFID tags and antitheft sticker past on each book both reading and lending books.

Issue Service

The RFID KIOSK System : The KIOSK comprises of RFID reader include biometric reader to read user identity, LCD touch screen monitor and auto cutter thermal slip printer and RFID middle ware software and KOHA software. KIOSK is an interactive station with touch screen facility.

  1. Select Issue Option on screen. Use biometric fingerprint authentication for reading of book RFID tags. Press confirm to issue multiple books on one go.
  2. Then the user will be required to put the book on the kiosk table top and select the issue option after successfully complete the issue the user log out from kiosk and a printout cutting slip come out from Thermal printer. Users also notify the confirmation mail of issuing of books.
    Security Gate antenna : The security gate installed near the entrance gate of the library if the user try to carry non-issue book through the gate the system will make alert sound and also draws attention to the security staff by blinking red light
  3. The issue books are allow pass through gate.
  4. The issue books slip show in the Library Guard counter.
  5. The Library Guard match the books and print out issue slip and noted in the gate register then permit to keep the issued books.

Return Service

Return drop Box: A drop box located located inside the Central Library which access from outside.

  1. Put the book one by one into the drop box.
  2. Get a printout cutting slip which come out from Thermal printer at drop box.
  3. Also gets a confirmation mail after return of books.

Additional Circulation Service

Book Searching: Book searching done through Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) user can search their needed book by Title name, Author name, Subject and Call Number. The books are arrange on stack according to call number Central Library follow open access system so user can search and select books by themselves.

Circulation support service: Circulation support desk present right side to the entrance gate dedicated library staff are present to help searching of books and assist to issue and return of books and circulation related technical and general issues.

Rules related Circulation service

Borrowing entitlements for faculty/Students/Administration

The number of items that users are eligible to borrow has been listed below:

INTER LIBRARY LOAN Books 100.00 1 day 2 2 days
Compodium 100.00 1 1 day
NON TEACHING Books 1.00 1 10 days
Text Book 1.00 1 3 days
OFFICER Books 1.00 6 30 days
Text Book 1.00 1 3 days
RESEARCH SCHOLOR Books 1.00 4 10 days
Text Book 1.00 1 3 days
UG/PG STUDENT Books 1.00 3 10 days
Text Book 1.00 1 3 days
TEACHER / FACULTY Books 1.00 8 120 days
Text Book 1.00 2 3 days